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Guaranteed rodent and pest control solutions

Brooklyn-based family-owned exterminator

General maintenance, prevention, and solution for the residential brownstone, co-op, condo, multiple dwelling building, commercial building, and retail space.

termite control

Termite Control

We customize an extensive treatment plan tailored for your home.

begbug elimination


Our service gets to the root of the problem, looking for common bedbug hiding places in your home, and continuous monitoring to ensure pests never return.

german cockroaches

Cockroaches & ANT CONTROL

As well as spiders, silverfish, waterbugs,

wasps and yellowjackets.

rat mice mouse rodent control

Rodent control, treat and seal (exclusions)

Rodent exterior stations


Rodent prevention

We work with architects and contractors to come up with a rodent control plan as a preventative measure after your renovation.

Kids friendly

Kids and pet friendly

We serve brownstones, co-ops, and other units with children, ensuring every solution is safe for your family.

Earth Eco friendly

Eco earth friendly

We provide eco-friendly, organic compound solutions.

Earth Eco friendly

Monthly maintenance

We offer monthly and quaterly maintenance as needed.

About us

mice exterminator mouse rat

Michael Corrao, the owner of Cobble Hill Exterminators, has over a decade of experience in pest control. His craft and passion have served the 5 boroughs and greater tri-state area, with over 100 commercial and residential accounts since 1983. Clients include the Eastern Atlethic Clubs, Nest Seekers, Brown Stone Reality as well as residential co-op buildings throughout the city. He was recently interviewed by the blog Brownstoner for his work in rodent control and prevention.

We identify the root of your problem and implement a solution uniquely tailored for your space.

Our Process


Here is an overview of how we solve your pest problem


  • Call us to get a free estimate
  • Schedule an visit
  • Thorough assessment - we don't put a cap on time spent to find the root of your pest problem

Customized plan

  • Based on the layout of your space and degree of infestation
  • Implement solution best fitting your family/organization


  • Recommendations for prevention and free follow-up

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